Natural Evolution

When full, you can’t tell the difference

Takes up 1/5 of the space when empty

It communicates with you

Ready for intermodal transport

Prepared for the real world

Five in one

Both the unfolded Zbox and the pack of 5 empty Zbox have standard ISO dimensions and can be placed anywhere on the vessels, including the bottom slots, thanks to their strength.
Our “Z” folding system has been designed and developed to be easily operated with standard machinery. It has also been engineered to withstand the extreme conditions to which the containers are exposed.
Inland transport
Maritime transport
Loading and unloading

Zbox is not for sale, but for usage

As easy as it sounds. Rent as many Zbox as you need, and when the route is completed, we will calculate the real savings compared to using standard containers. Part of that savings will be our fee.
This is how we do it:
Study routes together
Implement with you
Win if you win
Review all the process
Repeat as many times as you wish

The Zbox experience

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