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Zbox passes the Rail Impact Test loaded with a 24,000l flexitank

10 October, 2022February 10th, 2023No Comments NavlandisZbox experience

Zbox is a folding container certified according to ISO 1496, ISO 668 and CSC regulations, and therefore a container suitable for intermodal transport.

However, at Navlandis we want to make sure that we offer the best service to our customers. And given the possibility that Zbox is used to transport liquids using flexitanks, we have travelled with it to the beautiful city of Görlitz, in Germany, to subject it to an impact test on railway tracks.

Why there?

The TÜV SÜD Rail test center for rolling stock in Görlitz, Germany, is one out of only four approved laboratories worldwide for the testing of tank containers for hazardous substances in the ‘Impact Test’. There are others are in France (SNCF), China (CNR) and South-Africa (TFR)*, but the one in Görlitz is the only one in Europe accepted/approved by the COA (Container Owners Association) for testing containers equipped with flexitanks.

But Zbox is not a tank container. Why do this test?

Zbox is a collapsible container that works like a standard dry container for cargo, so it is capable of carrying liquids inside when equipped with a flexitank.

The Rail Impact Test-PAS1008/2016 test is used to certify flexitank models, so it is not mandatory for a container. The decision to submit Zbox to these tests responds to Navlandis’ interest in generating experience in transporting flexitanks with Zbox, before the container performs this task on real routes.

Specifically, we subjected several Zbox container units to the impact test, with 24,000l flexitanks inside, full. The impact test simulates the accelerations that the container and its load endure during transport, through the collision that occurs between a wagon with the container, and another wagon that is also loaded. Like the effect that the locomotive or the rest of the train can produce when different wagons with merchandise are being successively connected between each other.

The test has been carried out in collaboration with Hillebrand, using its brand’s flexitanks and bulkheads, already approved for standard containers.

We are pleased with the satisfactory performance of the container in the tests. And calm, since we have verified in advance that Zbox will perform well on its next trips in the face of one of the events that most punishes dry containers

So, is Zbox fit for train travel?

Yes, Zbox is a collapsible container that meets the most demanding specifications of ISO 1496 and ISO 668 standards, then suitable for use in intermodal transport. And furthermore, we now know that it can transport liquid cargo when equipped with a flexitank, just like a standard container.

Any questions? Do you want to use Zbox in your routes?

You can write directly to our CCO Roberto Fernandez, who will be happy to answer all your questions:



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