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Zbox. ¿Like a standard container?

8 April, 2021November 29th, 2022No Comments NavlandisZbox experience

When we talk about what we do at Navlandis, we usually get back two types of reactions. People outside the logistics or transportation industry find Zbox is a very good idea, while industry professionals often respond with a lot of questions and a good deal of skepticism. In this series of posts that we start today we’ll try to answer all these questions.

We know that the idea of ​​a collapsible container was born 20 years ago, and that since then there have been several attempts to develop it. This means that conceptually it is a good idea, but putting it into practice is the difficult part.

At Navlandis we wanted to overcome the current state of the art by making a container that, in addition to being collapsible, is really implementable.

And how have we done it? Taking into account from the design and conception of the container that it should function as closely as possible to a standard container: same resistance, same useful life, same security, etc. Hence our motto: “Zbox, like a standard container, more than a foldable container”.

This approach results in the following features of Zbox:

– It meets the same requirements of ISO and CSC certifications as the standard container, including sealing.

– It can be operated by standard machinery available in depots and terminals, and without the need for manual effort.

– It can be loaded practically with the same load as a standard container: the width and height of the doors barely vary approximately 2cm, and the load capacity by weight decreases less than 3%.

Among others.

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