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We do not start with purposes but with action plans. Welcome new challenges

13 January, 2022November 29th, 2022No Comments Navlandis

One of the principles which identifies us and shows the way we do things in our company is the search for new paths. In this way we start a new year that we plan to be a 2022 with much more “action”.

As we said some time ago, we could start a year celebrating because of what is to come, and we mean celebrating not because we are already sure that it will be a successful year (we hope it will be), but because we actually have the opportunity to go down these new paths.

Since last year we have put our efforts into making the most of all the resources at our disposal to always make the most of them, and we have also made sure that whatever was not within our reach, we have turned it into a challenge.

This year we are continuing with the manufacture and certification of the second industrial series of Zbox with even more containers. Uncertainty no longer plays a major role in our processes thanks to the trips already completed, the favorable inspections and the new information acquired, which has also allowed us to continue to improve in every part of the process.

Global Impact

Many of the challenges of global concern are centered on social aspects and consequently have an economic impact. In recent years, the challenges have been transformed and the consequences have not been based on discrimination criteria. A report published by McKinsey Consulting states that these will be the three priority objectives in this new global scenario: growth, sustainability and inclusion

We talked about global scenarios since the sector in which we as a company are part of, generates an impact around the world and has been seriously affected. In Navlandis we are no strangers to this reality and this year we want to continue working focusing on our solutions to evolve the container through innovation with a useful and sustainable purpose on a global scale.

To allow us to speak in such ” major ” terms, we will continue with the expansion of the number of sea, land and also rail journeys. Events that will define our evolution and give rise to the launching of our next phase.

The growth we have had as a company has been totally integral and an important part of this is our new identity. This process has also given us a “new air” with which we transmit everything in a more transparent and closer way, both internally and externally. Following this line we will launch our new website, we are excited to give shape to everything we do and that this new space shows it with more affinity.

And well, as we said at the beginning, in Navlandis we like to break new paths, so in 2022 we are sure that we will present you some more news, of course, ‘Inside the box‘ 😉

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