Frequency answer questions

What does Navlandis do?

Navlandis is a technology-based startup dedicated to R&D activities around the shipping container.

What is Zbox?

Zbox is the first product of Navlandis. It is a new concept of foldable and stackable shipping container.

Why is Zbox so special?

Zbox is conceived to be the foldable container most similar to a standard non-foldable container, in its operation, soundess and ease of maintenance. Its novelty is not to be foldable, but to be feasibly implementable.

Why is Zbox sustainable?

Because transporting empty containers by any means is inefficient. Zbox can reduce up to 80% of resources consumption and emissions generation of empty containers’ transportation.

Who are Navlandis investors?

Navlandis has public and private investors. More details are available at

Does Navlandis work in other projects?

Yes, it works in projects related to innovation and sustainability. However, Navlandis’ priority is to extend Zbox technology to other box sizes (40’HC,…) and the continuous improvement of Zbox functionality.