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Spanish foldable container Zbox accomplishes both ISO and CSC requirements, providing same guarantees as conventional containers

1 September, 2020November 29th, 2022No Comments NavlandisZbox experience

Navlandis’ foldable container, Zbox, obtained both ISO-1496 certification and CSC (International Convention for Safe Containers), assuring same results as the conventional containers.

The company, based in Valencia (Spain), has been working since 2016 in an innovative foldable container system called Zbox, and has developed different versions aiming a more sustainable marine transportation. As a result, the product has become compact and suitable for deployment on all major maritime transport corridors, in accordance with certification criteria.

Such certificates assure same structural performance than conventional containers: a MGM (Maximum Gross Weight) of 30,480kg, 213,000kg of compression stability (stability to stacking up to 9 full loaded containers), and 150KN of transversal rigidity strength.

All certification tests were conducted through an independent laboratory certified by ENAC (Nacional Certification Entity), and with presence of Lloyd’s Register as the mandatory certification entity, during January (with the container in unfolded form) and September 2020 (with the container in folded form).

Achieved results demonstrate the significant headway made by the Valencian Company since the project began. Zbox is a fully functional solution ready to operate in real-life environments.

Over the next months, Navlandis is continuing with the improvement of the industrialization processes for Zbox, as well as performing necessary updates to validate its functionality, while adding to the current product traceability & connectivity features.


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