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We completed our first trainings in the ports of Tangier and Istanbul
We performed the first two trainings outside Spain for the Zbox containers that are working…
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18 July, 2022

Port innovation; from competitive advantage to necessary action
The transformation of ports towards innovation actions and strategies.
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28 April, 2022

Zbox container has been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label
Our process to be a sustainable project and continue to focus efforts to improve our…
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15 April, 2022

What you need to know about sea containers
We highlight the main information about sea containers, their history, dimensions, uses and curiosities.
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29 March, 2022

Navlandis joins the “Freight belongs on rail” campaign promoting more sustainable transport in Spain
We join the campaign of "Freight belongs on rail". Campaign to promote the value of…
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17 March, 2022

The Blue Economy as a basis for more sustainable business transformation
Making the business approach profitable through the Blue Economy and the use of resources.
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23 February, 2022

A review of the complete second stage of the Zbox project
We explain the complete process of building our containers and the next steps.
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10 February, 2022

The impact of transportation and its pathway on carbon emissions reduction
Progress of the transportation sector in reducing carbon emissions.
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28 January, 2022

We do not start with purposes but with action plans. Welcome new challenges
We begin a new year full of motivation and new challenges. Opportunities to travel new…
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13 January, 2022

Closing a year sailed with the wind in our favor
We close a year looking back with satisfaction at each milestone achieved and thanking everyone…
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23 December, 2021

The impact of the Zbox project on carbon emissions
Miguel Navalon reflects on CO2 emissions in the framework of the Maritime ClimateKic Accelerator in…
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9 December, 2021

The test trip ends with a favorable result and the year closes with new challenges ahead
We talked about the arrival of the containers and the subsequent actions taken. New challenges…
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30 November, 2021

Zbox containers successfully completed the first part of the trial trip
We tell you how was the first Zbox test trip, the route and reflections.
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27 October, 2021

First Zbox industrial series certified, ready to travel
Our Zbox container obtained the International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) Certificate.
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15 October, 2021

First Zbox units ready
We are ready for the next stage of our Zbox at sea.
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19 July, 2021

Talking about innovation
Innovation as a key element in the construction of a company that wants to offer…
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13 July, 2021

Navlandis, committed to the environment
At Navlandis we join the environmental day and highlight our commitment to care and approach…
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16 June, 2021

Latest certifications granted
Our Zbox has just obtained two more certifications, the certification under the customs agreement and…
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10 June, 2021

Zbox. ¿Like a standard container?
When we talk about what we do at Navlandis, we usually get back two types…
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8 April, 2021

Container shortage news
Container shortage news Here is a selection of the container shortage news we have been…
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15 March, 2021

Navlandis launches Zbox collapsible container for logistics operations, with its third investment round almost complete
• This financing will allow its current solution, validated as a prototype and certified in…
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10 December, 2020

Handling empty containers efficiently and sustainably is a real need. Now, more than ever.
At Navlandis, we have been hearing from some companies in the logistic sector that the…
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7 December, 2020

“A sustainable maritime transport for a sustainable planet”
The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has selected this phrase for the 2020 agenda. With an…
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15 October, 2020

Spanish foldable container Zbox accomplishes both ISO and CSC requirements, providing same guarantees as conventional containers
Navlandis’ foldable container, Zbox, obtained both ISO-1496 certification and CSC (International Convention for Safe Containers),…
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1 September, 2020

Navlandis awarded by CEEI Valencia as part of the Scale Up program in its 3rd edition
Navlandis designed the foldable container Zbox, which is an innovation that allows companies to make…
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15 August, 2020

Navlandis seeks local investors to launch its containers on the market
The company starts its first round of financing of up to 150,000 euros and contacts…
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14 July, 2017

Navlandis will present the first folding sea container
Costs and space are fundamental elements in any kind of transport, such as maritime, and…
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16 November, 2016

Climate Program
  Miguel A., Navalón at a time of his intervention in the final of Phase…
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28 July, 2016

Navlandis folding container will be presented at the Port of Valencia in October
The Valencian company Navlandis will present its 20-foot folding sea container in the Port of…
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20 June, 2016

Miguel A. Navalón and Gloria Arnandis in the March edition of FORINVEST 2016, held at…
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10 March, 2016


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