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Another pilot route increasing sustainability with Zbox foldable containers

20 January, 2023No Comments Zbox experience

A new trial route for oil transportation will start using Zbox foldable containers in 2023. This month, Zbox units were transported to the origin of the goods, where Navlandis personnel accompanied the customer, AAK, in the deployment. Zbox will cross the Atlantic carrying value-added oils for the food industry, inside flexitanks.

An innovative product like Zbox container aims to improve design, materials, capability, functionality and overall user experience compared to the existing containers.

As already mentioned, Zbox performance, profitability and customer acceptance is being put to test in several routes since 2021.

A new test route will start using Zbox collapsible containers in 2023. The route transports plant-based oils from Northern Europe to South America, inside flexitanks for AAK Denmark A/S.

In 2022, the performance of Zbox collapsible containers loaded with flexitanks was tested according to AAK requirements. So, in 2023, the next step was to start travelling with the merchandise. For this purpose, Zbox containers were transported folded and bundled to the origin of the goods.

Then, the unfolding of the containers was conducted. Container operators were accompanied by Navlandis personnel on their first deployment operations, as it is always done as part of the Zbox service. The trainees confirmed that Zbox operation is intuitive and easy to understand.

Comments from the customer during the operations were carefully collected by Navlandis, and will certainly be translated into improvements for Zbox product and service.

Unfolded Zbox containers are being equipped with flexitanks, in order to load the liquid merchandise inside and transport it to its destination in South America.

Once emptied, the Zbox containers will be folded and bundled for their transportation back to Europe.

Navlandis is very excited to provide economically and environmentally sustainable logistic solutions to companies willing to improve the environmental impact of their logistic chain by adopting innovative solutions such as Zbox collapsible containers.

Navlandis staff thanks AAK Denmark A/S for the trust in Zbox solution, for the interest demonstrated in the training sessions, and for the kindness in the treatment received during visits to their facilities.

Navlandis technicians will keep gathering feedback as everything progresses, inside a continuous improvement process, to make sure to develop a useful product and service for our customers.

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