The future of container

Driving boxes to their best

We believe the container is the best invention of the 20th century. A box full of possibilities, progress and future. An opportunity to combine functionality with innovation.

Let us introduce you Zbox

A container

Which meets all the specifications of a standard container in terms of dimensions, capacity and resistance.

Able to fold

It folds in Z shape when empty and allows to pack and operate five containers in the space of one in the empty leg of a route.

Not for sale

Zbox is a service. Use as many containers as you need and just Pay As You Save.

The Zbox Experience

Zbox has already set sail. Discover how our dream of a more sustainable freight transport became a reality through Zbox experience on different routes

16 June, 2022 in Analysis - Opinion

Collaborations in the maritime sector, their opportunities, advantages and disadvantages

We talked to our Commercial Director about his opinion on collaborations in the maritime sector.
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20 January, 2023

Another pilot route increasing sustainability with Zbox foldable containers

10 October, 2022

Zbox passes the Rail Impact Test loaded with a 24,000l flexitank

18 July, 2022

We completed our first trainings in the ports of Tangier and Istanbul